Mission Statement

BevRock is dedicated to revitalizing the mainstreets of America, the heart and soul of our communities, by providing a business-to-business online platform for local beverage alcohol commerce. We empower and support brands, manufacturers, and individuals in the alcohol beverage industry who bring value and vibrancy to their neighborhoods. Through our platform, we streamline the process of connecting businesses and facilitating commerce, contributing to the growth and prosperity of local communities. Additionally, we demonstrate our commitment by donating a portion of our profits through our “Rock the Local!” initiatives to enrich and enhance these communities for future generations.

Core Values

We are a company that builds community, embraces growth, maintains strict adherence to laws and celebrates accomplishments through giving back

  1. Community minded (help your companion)
  2. Embrace growth, organic and otherwise
  3. Follow the rules and laws
  4. Celebrate Accomplishments and milestones

How it Works

The BevRock service connects alcohol beverage purchasers with tons of local beverage manufacturers all on ONE business to business website. We reduce the emails, texts and time required to curate a selection of local beverages at your place of business!

The process is simple. Fill your cart with the desired products and click ”Request Order”. By submitting an “order request” BevRock does all the communication for you. No more calls, emails and texts to multiple vendors. See real time available inventory, pricing and place orders with vendors quickly. Saving you precious time and money!

Once the order request is received by the manufacturers an email notification with expected delivery date will be sent to the email on file. You will also receive an invoice from the manufacturer to the email address of your choosing. 


Can I pay for the order on the website or set up a card on file?

  • No, manufacturers will send invoices to the email address located in your account settings. In some instances manufacturers will allow you to set up a card on file or fintech relationship.

Why is my “order request” total different from the invoice I received?

  • Oftentimes it is just the difference in tax and/or the invoice received is just for part of the order. If your “order request” contains multiple manufacturers you will receive multiple invoices. 

Does BevRock sell the products?

  • Bevrock does not sell products. We are simply a service provider connecting purchasers and manufacturers. We disclaim ourselves from any liability and/or responsibility for collecting payment for the sale of products.

When will I receive my order?

  • All order requests submitted by Monday at 11:59pm will receive their order by Friday evening or earlier, unless otherwise notified. You should receive a delivery notification in the email in your account settings.

Can I get a refund or return the product?

  • BevRock does not handle payment or refunds. However, we can get you in touch with the manufacturer to resolve the issue.

Can I schedule a tasting appointment?

  • Yes! Simply use our chat feature to request a tasting and we will provide you with the scheduling options for the specific manufacturer.

At my last job I had different choices of manufacturers and I don't see the same brands?

  • The list of available products is related to the account address. Often, available products fluctuate between counties. If there is a specific brand you would like to see please email