The Rise of Cider: Why PA is Poised to be Ground Zero for the Best Cider in the World

The Rise of Cider: Why PA is Poised to be Ground Zero for the Best Cider in the World

Growing Popularity of Cider

Cider's popularity is on the rise across the U.S. According to the American Cider Association, the U.S. cider market grew by 4%

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As the craft beverage scene continues to evolve and adapt, cider has emerged as a popular and versatile option, and Pennsylvania is leading the charge. The state's rich apple-growing heritage, friendly State Liquor Laws and innovative local cideries position it to become the leader in hard cider. While the majority of apple production comes from Adams County, Pa. Five standout cider companies in southwestern Pennsylvannia making waves: Old Snapper Original Hard Cider, Bella Terra, Voyager Cider, Threadbare Cider, and Arsenal Cider. Additionally, local breweries like Leaning Cask and Grist House are entering the cider market with unique "Cider Ale" creations. Many of these can be found on the BevRock Community Marketplace for extraordinary wholesale prices. 

In this blog, we'll explore why Pennsylvania is poised to be ground zero for the best cider in the world, highlighting these exceptional local brands and the growing trend of breweries embracing cider.

The Foundations of Pennsylvania's Cider Revolution

Rich Apple-Growing Heritage

Pennsylvania is one of the top apple-producing states in the U.S., consistently ranking among the leaders in apple production. The state's fertile soil and favorable climate create the perfect conditions for growing high-quality apples, the essential ingredient for outstanding cider. This abundance of fresh, local apples allows Pennsylvania cider makers to craft authentic, flavorful ciders.

Growing Popularity of Cider

Cider's popularity is on the rise across the U.S. According to the American Cider Association, the U.S. cider market grew by 4% in 2022, reaching over 30 million cases sold annually. As more consumers discover and appreciate the diverse flavors and artisanal qualities of craft cider, Pennsylvania is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this trend.

Spotlight on Greater Pittsburgh Cider Companies

Old Snapper Original Hard Cider

Bar-Friendly Pricing: Old Snapper offers a bar-friendly price at $185 for a half keg. This competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for bars looking to add local cider to their lineup without significantly increasing costs. Their ciders are known for their crisp, refreshing taste, making them a favorite among local patrons.

Bella Terra

Balanced Flavors: Bella Terra is known for its unique blends and seasonal ciders, making it a great choice for introducing new customers to the world of cider. Their offerings include a range of flavors that appeal to both seasoned cider drinkers and newcomers alike.

Voyager Cider

Super Premium Bone Dry Cider: Voyager, the newest cider company on the market, produces super premium bone dry cider that is highly sought after. Their focus on quality and distinctiveness makes them a standout choice for bars aiming to offer something unique and upscale. Voyager's ciders are perfect for those who appreciate a more sophisticated beverage.

Threadbare Cider

Use of Organic Apples: Threadbare Cider prides itself on using real apples in its production process. This commitment to authenticity results in rich, complex flavors that appeal to discerning cider drinkers. Threadbare’s dedication to traditional cider-making techniques and organic apples sets them apart in the local market.

Arsenal Cider

The OG: Arsenal Cider also emphasizes the use of real, locally-sourced apples. Their dedication to quality and local ingredients makes their ciders a true representation of Pennsylvania’s cider-making tradition. Arsenal’s range of premium ciders offers something for every palate, from sweet to dry.

Local Breweries Joining the Cider Revolution

Leaning Cask

Leaning Cask, known for its British style ales, has ventured into the world of cider with their line of "Cheeky Doddle-Cider Ale" creations. These unique hybrids blend the best of both worlds, combining the refreshing qualities of cider with the complexity of ale. This innovation showcases the versatility and potential of cider in the craft beverage market.

Grist House

Grist House, another local favorite brewery, has also embraced the cider trend. Their "Dem Apples- Cider" highlights the creativity and experimentation that define the craft beverage scene in Pennsylvania. By blending traditional brewing techniques with cider-making, Grist House known for its brewing prowess has made a cider that contends with traditional cideries best.


Pennsylvania is on the path to become the leader in craft hard cider production, thanks to its rich apple-growing heritage, innovative local cideries, and the creative forays of local breweries into the cider market. By supporting local cideries like Old Snapper, Bella Terra, Voyager, Threadbare, and Arsenal, and embracing the exciting new "Cider Ale" creations from Leaning Cask and Grist House, bars and consumers alike can enjoy the best that Pennsylvania has to offer.

Incorporating these exceptional ciders into your beverage offerings not only supports local businesses but also provides patrons with a unique and high-quality drinking experience. Cheers to Pennsylvania's bright future as the epicenter of the cider world!


1. Why is Pennsylvania poised to become a leader in cider production?
Pennsylvania’s rich apple-growing heritage, innovative local cideries, and creative brewery collaborations position it to lead the world in cider production.

2. What are the benefits of offering local cider in my bar?
Offering local cider supports local businesses, provides fresh and high-quality options for customers, and can command a higher price point, boosting your revenue.

3. How are local breweries contributing to the cider trend?
Breweries like Leaning Cask and Grist House are creating unique "Cider Ale" hybrids that blend the best qualities of cider and ale, showcasing the versatility and potential of cider.

4. Which local cider companies should I consider for my bar in Greater Pittsburgh?
Consider adding ciders from Old Snapper, Bella Terra, Voyager, Threadbare, and Arsenal. Each offers unique flavors and qualities that can enhance your bar's beverage offerings.