Lancaster Distilleries - LD Barrel Rested - 750mL Bottle

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Lancaster Distilleries - Barrel Rested Gin - 750mL Bottle

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Lancaster Distilleries Barrel Rested Gin is a fabulous hybrid between brown spirits – say, a bourbon or oaked rum – and gin. We take our classic Gin and age it in once-used rye whiskey barrels, which mellows the juniper flavor while adding vanilla and smoke flavors from the oak barrels along with a hint of spice from the rye whiskey. We source the barrels for this gin from several distilleries in the region that are well-known for producing world class rye whiskey. Enjoyed in everything from a twist on the classic martini to a riff on the Old Fashioned, Lancaster Distilleries Barrel Rested gin is a versatile addition to your liquor cabinet. 40% ABV.